Social Justice Minor

Social Justice Minor 2015

Gender and Women’s Studies Program & Social Justice Initiative

**NEW** Minor in Social Justice in Fall 2015

A Minor in Social Justice will entail focusing on critical analyses of systems and movements that create and perpetuate equality and inequality. All Minors will complete at least one in-depth community based learning experience with a partner organization.

Students who Minor in Social Justice will learn new strategies to work toward social change, engage with the work of social movements, and look at the linkages between local movements and global ones. Students gain valuable experience working with community-based organizations. But they will also have opportunities to combine their experiences with the skills and strategies that they learn, understand the value of applying a social justice lens to any professional field, and be poised to use their knowledge to build future careers in community organizing and in non-profit organizations.

Students pursuing the Minor in Social Justice Studies will be required to take a total of 16 credit hours.

Electives should be chosen from the list of existing courses available upon request.

For more information, contact Dr. Natalie Bennett (Gender & Women’s Studies Program), and Emily Williams (Social Justice Initiative) For complete course information, click here .