Barbara Ransby lecturing at the Global Activism Expo

Floating Colloquium

Jody Williams Speaking

Nobel Laureate Jody Williams at Chicago school to talk about her global peace activities

The SJI floating colloquium is a project focused on graduate students in Chicago but open to all. It is a set of lectures, roundtables and panels by visiting engaged scholars, activists and artists. We invite visitors from different areas of work, professions, disciplines and fields of knowledge and experience to address common themes and questions. It is an open not for credit colloquium that promotes the free and fluid exchange of ideas and strategies around critical social justice dilemmas.

The 2012-2013 theme was "The Practice of Freedom" and included visits by Tony Bogues, Anand Patwardhan, Ted Corbin, John Rich and Jody Williams. The practice of freedom challenges us to not only examine what social justice movements are against, but what do we imagine 'justice' to look like, and what are the ways in which, in different times and places, and under radically different conditions, have people pushed, struggled, and stumbled toward the realization of greater individual and collective freedoms.